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Sellers: It Ain't Over Until the Buyer Signs... | Tristan and his WHITEBOARD LIVE [video}

Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE

Sellers - It Ain't Over Until the Buyer Signs at Closing

Hey Everybody - Welcome to Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE!

This is Tristan with Mindful Living Realty and yes…there is a unicorn on the board behind me. My daughter likes to come in and draw things on my board while I'm away and I thought it was kind of cool conversation piece so I left it up. Happy Unicorn Day!

So today we're going to talk about something for sellers, especially.

And that is: It ain't over, until it's over.

So we get the Purchase Agreement signed and, yes - it's good to be excited.  We've got it sold. But that's just one piece the process.  We’ve got to get it all the way closed. There's a lot of things that could happen between Purchase Agreement time and closing that we need to kinda talk about so you are aware what all could happen.

The Many Buyer Influences

So - here's how this scenario works. We have a buyer and they got many pieces involved in getting the deal closed. We've got a lender. And the lender has underwriters.  We've also got insurance agents and they've got underwriters. And then we've also got their agent – the buyer's agent. And of course, we can't forget about parents and family. That can really be an issue. And there's this one over here - you know - memories.  "Well, last time I bought a house..." And there's a different one over here that I love as well.  "Well, my Aunt is an agent in California from 20 years ago and she said this..." Those are my favorite ones.

Now, any one of these pieces, somebody could drop the ball.  And it's nothing you or I can control. Yet each one of these people could have an effect on that buyer purchasing your home.

Buyer Lost Financing

Case in point: I had a deal couple of years ago. I was representing the seller and the lender told me that this buyer was preapproved and we were going to try to get it closed quick so they were going to go to this one procedure. And every time I called them to find out where things were at, he kept telling me, "Oh it's at underwriting, it's in underwriting."

Finally he comes back - basically he was lying to me.  He comes back: "Well actually this - this deal didn't work. This lender wasn't going to be able to help us. We got rejected so we got start all over again." So we can't close for another 45 days.

Obviously, my seller was livid at this point. But it was the best choice at that time to keep things moving along.  Well then, the buyer got “non-motivated” to buy the property.  Something happened with his job and all the sudden he was no longer approved to buy the property. Hence, he got out of that deal, unfortunately. So my seller - already moved out, already waiting for the property to get sold... has spent money on moving things, spent money on storage units. All that kind of stuff.  Out all that kind of money. We had to put it back on the market. Not a very happy situation. But that kind of thing can happen.

Death in the Family

Another scenario we had just recently. [On a house we had listed} Another agent brought us a buyer that had a death in the family or close relative.  It happened that their funeral for their relative, I'm not sure if it was a sister or what it was, was in Arizona the day after we were supposed to close.

So, of course, what are you going to do?  You're going to let him have the time and of course, it was near Christmas. They also wanted to have that week after to spend time with the family in Arizona. During this time, they had to get some documentation into the lender. Well, the lender did not tell us OR them that "Oh, by the way not only do I need it in, I also need time to send it for underwriting.”

They got the documentation in, finally, near the end of the second week.  And then needed another week to process it.  We finally got closed three weeks after the original closing date. These things happen.

Stuff Happens...

I've heard stories of the sellers - or the buyers... oh no - it was the sellers in this case. The sellers were found dead in their house one morning. We can't make this stuff up! This stuff actually happens.

I’ve had buyers feel like, well the home needs so much work…even after we had cleared the home inspection.  And they decided "No - I got cold feet.  I'm backing away."  First time home buyers...

We've got scenarios where a husband had bought a home for the wife and then the buyer's wife decided that she didn't want to buy the home after a while. The wife said "I don't know if I really want to be here..."  Of course, we talked to them about all the options and they did end up purchasing it.
There are options. There are ways that you can handle these type of scenarios, but my point is... There’s a lot of different things can happen.  Got a lot of different stories that we tell you about how things fall apart the last minute.

Go with The Flow

Don't freak out.
Don't create problems for yourself.
Just know that things can happen along the way.

And it isn't over until a buyer at closing signs that piece of paper and - piece of papers - and the whole deal is funded.

So! Be warned, if I have to give you a phone call and say, "Ah - remember when we were talking in the beginning about THE call if something happens. Yeah, this is that call..." Of course, if the buyers default, you have every right to keep earnest money and sue and all that kind of thing.

But - just keep your chin up during the process. Go with the flow!  Things happen... weird things happen. Let everything just happen, roll with it.  Roll with the dice.  Everything will be fine in the end.  The majority of homes end up getting closed and end up getting taken care of.  And we work through the process.

But you just need be a little more understanding of this mess and the whole process.

Thank you very much for watching today. Hope you guys are having a great week. Let me know if you have any questions or any comments below.

Have a great day and talk to you next time on Tristan and his WHITEBOARD.

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Get your Awesome on With a Meditation Practice | Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE!

Get your Awesome on with a
Meditation Practice!

In this episode of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD – LIVE!
I talk about the benefits of my meditation practice.  

And some tips to help you establish/grow/re-ignite yours!

Full Transcription (edited a bit to make it easier to read…  🙂
Hey everybody, how you doing today?
This is Tristan Emond with Mindful Living Realty.
And we’re at Tristan and his WHITEBOARD – LIVE!  So, here’s what’s going on today.
First of all, I’ve got some new cards in.  Isn’t that cool?  I like ’em.
Second of all, I attended a workshop this weekend and we talked about how to get your Meditation Practice up and running.
I had started a meditation practice about two years ago, was very consistent with it.  I had a friend that noted about a year later that said, “Hey – you’re more centered, you just seem to be more there.”  I’ve kind of fallen off the log lately and I’ve noticed that.  And so we’re going to work on getting that back on…back going.
But I thought what I would do today is talk about how I have developed my meditation practice and hopefully that will be something that will be helpful for you. Help you get into the position where you can do something like that.

What is a Meditation Practice?

Now when I say Meditation Practice, it means anything you want it to be really. It doesn’t have to be meditation. It can be just a time when you can have for yourself to slow down.  Get in touch with you are – who you are inside and listen.  Basically, that’s all it is – a time to be present and listen to yourself.
We get so busy running around day to day. Doing this, doing that, taking kids there, taking kids there…that we forget to stop take a breath and just listen and hear what we have to say to ourselves. A lot of what has happened here with Mindful Living Realty – the things we have established and we’ve done – have come from those a-ha moments that I have got in the times I’ve had meditation practice.
So first of all, let’s talk about the different components that I’ve used in the meditation.  Typically, I try to do this in the morning.   I’m not a great morning person.  So, you know, sometimes, it doesn’t happen until after. Like this morning, I had breakfast this morning with bunch of guys and I came to office and I did some meditation.  So work it out on your schedule.
We’re fortunate that our children are old enough – they get themselves up and out of bed and off to school. We don’t have to deal with that.  But certainly, you can just find a moment during your day where you can even take five minutes for yourself and listen and find out what you can do.  But here is what I do:

Step 1: Excercise

First of all, I spend a little bit of time. acknowledging the body. Doing a little Exercise.
Every day is a little different. When it’s spring and summer and nice outside, Sarah and I usually go for a walk around the neighborhood. That’s awesome. We love to do that.  When it’s cold, we do have an elliptical, that sometimes we will run it for a few minutes. But even if it’s just a matter getting up, do some stretching. Acknowledging that the body is there allowing the energy to just kind of flow through. Getting up in the morning and, you know, just kind of get that getting things working again. Like I said, acknowledging the body is there.

Step 2: Meditation

Second of all, is when I do some actual Meditation.
So, let’s talk first of all here about what meditation is NOT because sometimes we get ideas in our heads that are put there from lots of other things where we have to be sitting in crossed legs stance with our fingers in certain way and saying “ahs” and “ooos” and all that kind of stuff.
Meditation –  simply (in my opinion anyway) – meditation is simply a spot where you can get quiet, listen to yourself.  Now, you’re going to have times when the mind’s going to wander. Be okay with that. Be okay with that coming in and going back and forth.  Understand that just way it’s going to be. The mind’s just chattering away, chattering away. Understand that you’re not going to be perfectly, you know, mind free.  Your mind’s not going to be completely free thought during this process. It’s a back and forth.  Just be okay with the thoughts passing through your head and going out the other side.
Some things I’ve done to help with this is go back to your breath and concentrate on your breathing, that helps you be present. One thing that I found that works really well is I listen.  Have you ever sat in quiet and listened?  You can hear the humming of the refrigerator, the ticking of the clock, just listen to all those the sounds of your environment.  It really helps you just kind of hone in and be in that moment and just listen intently. And that will help you to really be in the moment.  And then you can move forward from there – just allow yourself to be.

Step 3:  Gratitude

The third part of this is Gratitude. This is when you spend a few minutes being thankful for whatever it is you’re thankful for that day. I try not to be boring with it…you know, I don’t want to just get up and say thanks for health, wealth, and prosperity. Amen, hallelujah.  I want to sit there and say, “Okay today…what strikes me today has been really, really thankful.”
Sometimes I’m thankful that the sun is shining in the window.  I’m thankful for this blanket I’ve got over top of me. I had a good experience with the kids yesterday and I’m thankful for my kids. They are cool. Those kind of things…think about what you’re really grateful for.
The key about this is when you’re thinking about the things you have, you’re not focusing on the things you don’t have. The more you think about the things that you have, the more those things are going to flow into your experience.

Step 4: Journaling

The forth thing is Journaling – which actually ties into gratitude, because I usually do my gratitude exercises while I’m Journaling, while I’m writing. This is something that you can do however you would like to do it.
Now if you are not a writer, you say, “I just, I just can’t do it.” Do what works good for you – color, draw.  You’ve got a phone – speak into it. Do something to get your words out, to get your feelings out.
It’s important, I think, to write it down. Writing allows you to…it puts the physical in touch with the mind and gives you space. Because your mind will talk faster than you can write. So, it allows for that break in time for that gap to happen. So you can listen to yourself. You can listen to your heart. It’s amazing as your writing – sometimes you realize that you’re writing stuff that you didn’t even realize you believed or your thought or anything like that. Next thing you know, you’ve got those little a-ha moments just from sitting there and writing. It’s amazing how that works.
Sometimes it’s great to let out your anger or your frustrations on the paper when your journaling.  And if you need to be ceremonial about it, you can rip that page out and burn it.  Makes you feel like you have got that off and “I’m letting it go” if that’s the way you need to do it.  If that’s what works for you, great. Do it that way.
Some people like to draw, some people like to scribble.  Whatever it takes to get you in the moment and think about where you are.  Just let your words flow.

Journaling Steps

In a journaling practice, some of the things that could come up…’Cause you sit there and you look at your blank piece of paper. You go “Okay… We got this paper here. Now What?” And you sit there and you wait and nothing starts flowing.  “I’m just supposed to write” and you try to start… nothing happens. So I have established for myself, which I used even today, some headings that allow me to focus my journaling on a specific topic. And I try to make that very present.
For the first step, I wrote “I’m happy today because…”  And that’s the gratitude piece.  I usually write five or six things that I’m happy for.
Next part:  “What is your purpose today?” and that is going to be waking up and deciding – okay. What do I feel like today?  What do I feel like I am to do today? And if that scares you – the purpose idea just kind of let that one go. You just use whatever ones here you feel good about.
“Who are you today?” You know – what do you feel like you are today?  Do you feel great? You feel strong, you feel confident. Maybe need to write some affirmations down to encourage yourself to be that confident person that you want to be.
“What will you create today?” This can be: I want to create happiness. I’m going to create peace. I’m going to create fun in the workplace. And then you can move on to I want to create sales or I want to create money or I want to create deals, something to that affect. You can use whatever you feel in that moment to create something today. Now we get into the bigger picture later on, but think about today – what am I going to create today?
And after that “What are your goals today?” And I like to use action steps on those goals. So today I might have had…I had three things I wanted to get done – this being one of them.  So when I got those three things done, I can say “Yep! I did what I wanted to do today.”
If I do more things, great!  If not, I’ve accomplished something. I can look back and say, “You know what? I accomplished my goals today.”  Makes you feel good makes you feel, like you did something.  ‘Cause sometimes we’re running around all day long answering e-mails doing this, doing that and the other, and we feel like we haven’t accomplished anything. By writing your goals down at the beginning of the day, you really feel like you’ve accomplished something that day.  You can say “Yep. I did what I needed to do today. We’ll attack more tomorrow.”
And then finally, I write the heading:  “What do I need to know today? What do I need to do today?” And that’s where I kind of don’t judge and just write.  Something comes to me, I just start writing. Believe and trust that that which is coming to you is something that’s really from you. That you need to pay attention to. And that is where things start flowing.
Once you start getting the writing flowing, things just start popping up. You start writing things and realizing things. It’s really quite cool.
Now, of course, if the writing isn’t flowing, be done with it.  Just put it aside and try it again next time. No big deal. No reason to be so uptight about “Gotta make things happen.” Just do what you can each and everyday. As you as you get this practice rolling, you’ll find that is smoother, you’ll find you get break throughs, you’ll find that it just becomes easier and easier each and everyday.
Finally, at the end of this, what I like to do is write my long term goals.  If that’s I want to sell X amount of homes this year, that becomes the last piece, so I can keep that that long term goal in front of my face as well. I’m looking at the present and I’m also looking at the future. Looking at what I want to accomplish and making sure that everything else is aligning with that as well.
Alright.  Hopefully that was of interest to you guys and something you might have an interest in doing someday or sometime. If you have any other ideas with other thought forms of might work, let me know in the comments below.  Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll go ahead and post these steps below.
Hopefully this kind of give you a framework to begin with or to keep going with. Maybe it’s an ah-ha moment for you to keep your practice alive. But I’ve found and I’m dedicated to keep going back to my practice, a little more steady now, as I kind of dropped it here, a little while and getting back on that curve.

Catch you next time on Tristan and his WHITEBOARD.

Thanks for watching.  Have an awesome day!

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Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE! Rapid City Real Estate Market Jan 2018 [video]

January 2018 Rapid City Real Estate Market

Rapid City Real Estate Market 2018.  Video Transcript:

Hey everybody!  This is Tristan with Mindful Living Realty. Welcome back to Tristan and his WHITEBOARD LIVE!

Today we're gonna go over the Rapid City Real Estate Market for January. Get an idea where having here in the next few months.

But, before that of course, we've got the joke of the day.

Want to hear a joke about paper?  Never mind it's terrible...

Oh, I know you laughed at that one.

Alright where are things heading in Rapid City. How are things in January?  The January market right now?  Got a lot of numbers behind me that I'll go over here just a bit.  Don't wanna over kill you with numbers, but just to kinda prove my point here.

Right now, so we are looking for... What is the trend in all Rapid City areas?  We're talking about residential in Box Elder, Rapid Valley, all Rapid City area - nothing Northern Hills, Southern Hills that kind of thing.

So what we can see here is in January of the last four years we can see this is the number active listings from 606, 608, 2017 we went down to 519, and then 2018 we're back on 571.  And that 571 was taken on the first of February - around that time is when that number was taken.  The active is always a fluid number.

So also then - the sold listings... these were actually the ones that actually closed in January, so we're looking at November and December under contracts, right?  98, 95, 102 and then up to 122 here.  Over the course of this, we've got an average price of 4 percent going up.

Now January is a weird month.  Somedays, we hit the fan running on January 1 after the Holiday Season. Last year was crazy. All the realtors were walking around on our hands trying to find something do.  It was just dead, dead quiet.  Which you can see here, which is why that number [519] is way low.

Now what's interesting here is that this number here - we got a 10 percent... (if I can get my marker open that'd be helpful)...So this is a 10 percent increase between here and here [actives - 519 and 571].  But here - 20 percent increase [solds - 102 and 122].

So obviously, we're getting things sold faster coming on the market. Obviously seeing then an inventory problem - which we've had consistently for the past few years, and it looks like we're seeing that right now.

If I ran active listings, all Rapid many listings do you think we have right now?
I just run that a few minutes ago. 465 active residential properties. If you're looking for single family, that number is this.  (394)

That's not very many. Especially as we are getting into the Spring market.

Last year about February fifteenth - for whatever reason...Once February 15 hit we were smack dab in Spring market. We are having multiple offer scenarios.  We were  having situations where buyers having trouble finding properties.

This year's kinda looking like we're running into the same thing.  We're having lower inventory.  We've some pent-up buyer needs. In the past week. I’ve probably received 10 e-mails from other agents, saying "Hey - I've got a buyer looking for a property, can't find one. Do you have anything In this area?"

So we're seeing again where we're looking at the spring market being very, very much a seller’s market.  A very tight market and probably seeing some double offers and that kind of thing.

That being all said, if you're thinking about selling your home don't wait until spring-ish...Don't wait until March or April to start the process. You might be beneficial to start selling your home now that's what works for you.

I recommend start working on getting your home fixed up - getting the painting done...getting those things done inside while it's cold outside, so you can be ready to put your home on the market when you are ready.

Now last year, if you waited until May, it was almost too late. You kinda missed the meat of the spring season. So don't wait for that. I just want to put these numbers up on the board to showcase that.

You know when a realtor tells you “Yeah, it's a great time to list!”  You're like "Yeah, whatever!"  Well... yeah, it is.

It's a good time to get your home on the market.

Buyers -  if you're looking at buying a home this spring, good thing for you do: get prepared! Know what you want, make sure your get with your lender, make sure all that's ready to go.  Be prepared to put in a good, strong, solid offer and know where you are at with that.

OK! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Let me know below.

I've got my buyer videos and my seller videos - Tristan and his WHITEBOARD seller videos and Tristan and his WHITEBOARD buyer videos.  Goes through the process for you to help explain each part of the process, hoping some good information for you there.

Alright!  Thanks for watching! This is Tristan and his WHITEBOARD...we'll talk to you next week! Have a great day!

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Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE! | Seller's Personal Property | 2018 [video]

Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE!


Seller's Personal Property...a "Please Do" Episode!

Hello everybody. Welcome to Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE! Today we're gonna talk about personal property - a "Please Do" topic!

And we'll talk more about that after, of course, we get to the joke of the day.:

Why didn't the melons get married?
Simple, they cantaloupe.  Can't elope...

So let's talk a little bit about personal property.  The reason I'm bringing this up is I've had a few scenarios the past few deals, the past few months, where we've had to deal with personal property, especially as it relates to sellers removing said personal property.

First of all, what is personal property?

Personal property is anything that is not attached to the property.  Normally your refrigerator, your stove, your washer and dryer, those things will be transferred via bill of sale.
But then, you also have your furniture and your clothes and your stuff inside. Of course, you're like, “Yeah, I'm moving that stuff, don't worry about that!”
I’m talking today more about here is the stuff outside the home. In the garage, in the shed, around the shed, behind the shed....those paver blocks that you bought way back when and didn't quite finish the patio. That wood that you used to fix the deck and never got around to fixing the deck…(I'm talking about me here.) All these things that are outside that you need to make sure are removed.

Purchase Agreement Says...

The Purchase Agreement that will be in place will state: You must remove all personal property from the property.
I state again, ALL.  That means all of the lumber, all of the bricks, everything that's there on the property should be removed prior to closing.
Now, you're going to say, “Well this is some good stuff here. I've got paint, I've got shingles, I've got this…” Here’s what I recommend to you:  take a picture of it, send it to me and I'll ask the buyers if they want it. If they want it, great! Score!  If not, you can use that same picture, post it on Facebook, post it on Craigslist - say “free come and get it” or put a price on it, and it will be gone in no time. That shouldn't be any problem as long is it’s decent stuff.
Now - We need to talk about then how to get rid of said stuff.

Tip number one, start early.

Trust me, you've got more stuff outside and in the garage and in the shed than you think you do. It's going to take longer to get rid of some of that stuff than you imagine.  So start the process before you list or right after you start the listing.
Definitely start before you get a purchase agreement, because it's all going to have to go. Even if it doesn't sell, hey - you've cleaned up all the junk out of your property. It's a win-win, right?
It doesn't matter what happens, it's good to start early, get working through your stuff, seeing what's there and get rid of it.

Tip number two.  Resources.

I've got a couple of resources for you. One of them is an app. It's called the “My Waste App”. You download this app on android or iPhone, and you can put in Rapid City, and there's a cool little button, it's called “Where Does This Go”.   You can determine from there where you need to deposit trash or otherwise get rid of certain items.

For instance, if you put in there "refrigerator", it'll tell you, you can't take this to the dump because it's got Freon in it, but you can go to this place, this place, or this place and they'll take care of them for you. Electronics, paints, stains, all those kinds of things, you can find out from this app where you should take the stuff that you have and get rid of it.

The other resource is Habitat For Humanity Restore. They'll take a lot of your good construction items. They also now have a latex paint recycling center, which I didn't realize, so you can take your latex paint there.  Small electronics, scrap metal, that kind of stuff can go there.

Cornerstone Rescue Mission, the thrift center, they will take your household goods, your clothing and that kind of stuff. You can take that stuff there.

Black Hills Works also has a small electronics recycling center.

Those are three good avenues you can take stuff to and get rid of stuff as well as, of course, throw it in the truck and take it on its way.

Take Responsibility

The key here is take responsibility for what's on your property. I don't care if the previous seller left it or the seller before that left it or the neighbor just threw it over on your property before close. It's your responsibility to get all that stuff off of your property for your buyers.

Of course, the reason we're doing all of this, not only is it because it's in the purchase agreement, but because you'd want the same thing done if you were buying the property. You'd want to walk in and not have to worry about, “Oh, now I got to get rid of this refrigerator, well crap, what am I going do about that?” Make sure it's taken care of for your buyers.

Leave me any comments or thoughts or questions about this episode below. See you next week on Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - LIVE!

Looking for step by step information about the home selling process? View Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Seller Video Series!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Home Energy Clear - New Mindful Living Realty Services Provided by Essence Healing

Home Energy Clear
Provided by Essence Healing

Clear your home of negative and non-beneficial energies!

Home Energy Clear:  New Services with Mindful Living Realty brought to you by Essence Healing!
Exciting news for Mindful Living Realty - blending some energy work with real estate.
Three options with these services:
  1. Deep Clear
  2. Seller Clear
  3. Buyer Clear
Deep Clear removes negative and non-beneficial vibrations and energies from your home and property and replaces them with positive, lighter vibrations.  It even addresses negative entities.  Do you feel uncomfortable in your home?  Maybe a room you don't want to go in?  Your kids mentioning they can't sleep at night because something is in their room?  Might be time for a Deep Clear!

Seller Clear provides the clear of the Deep Clear PLUS removes the attachments, cords and connections that an owner may have with their property.  Shows off the home energetically by allowing the buyers to feel comfortable walking through your home.

Buyer Clear also provides the Deep Clear services on the home they purchase (after closing).  It also raises the vibration of the property and matches/ties the energy of the home buyer to the property.  Start out fresh!

You've heard about burying a St. Joseph Statue in the yard to help your property sell you can Energy Clear your home!

Check out Essence Healing and the services at:

Contact Sarah at 605-593-9315 or

Monday, October 23, 2017

3535 Matson Drive - Sturgis home for sale...Awesome-er Price!

3535 Matson Drive
Sturgis, SD

Now only $200,000!

This raised ranch home in Sturgis is just outside of the city limits with views of the Black Hills and on a huge .46 acre lot!
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Remodeled Family Room
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Furnace Filtration System
  • Water Purification System
  • Big Laundry Room
  • Metal Roof
  • Oversized 2 car garage
  • Extra Parking
  • Fenced backyard
  • RV, bike, and bike trailer
  • It keeps going!
Looking for some extra income during the Motorcycle Rally?  Plenty of room for tents.  Or shut the door upstairs and rent out the basement.  Plenty of opportunities.

For more pics and information (after watching the video above, of course):

Or text/call for a showing:  605-593-9367

It's an awesome fall in the Black Hills!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Summerset home for Sale - 6675 Leisure Lane

Summerset Home For Sale
6675 Leisure Lane

Awesome Home.  FANTASTIC Price.

[Seriously.  This price per square foot is back in the 2010 days.  Sellers are ready to sell!]

Here is what you need to know about this property:
  • 2,380 Square Feet
  • FIVE Bedrooms - 3 of them upstairs
  • Master Bath
  • Vaulted Ceiling in Living Room
  • Separate Dining Area
  • Breakfast Bar and Pantry
  • 2 Car Garage
2 Bedrooms and Bath downstairs are connected to a family room area - perfect space for the older kids or other family members.

I love the decks!  The back deck is 2 tier-ed - spot for your BBQ and Patio Set, the other for your swing.  The front deck is perfect size for watching the neighbors!

The neighborhood Rocks!

Walking distance from the Park.

More pics, floor plan, and info on the listing website:

Call, text or email to take a look!